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EMAIL:        Phone: 1-866-981-2154  or 717-337-1635

July 12 


Our First National
Evangelism & Street Preachers Conference
  (Not just for Street preachers)
If you long to be a BOLD witness for the Lord, this conference is for you--Learn to Evangelize

July 1-4, 2015  Wed– Sat


Service Times:  July 1-3, 10am, 2pm & 7pm

All day Saturday the 4th on the streets

July 1-4


Sept 21-23


Women's Conference // Your Blessing in Christ

Guest speakers will be Billie Reagan-Deck, Joanna Coe-Herndon & Wanda Osborne


Times: Monday 10 AM, 2 PM & 7 PM, Tuesday 10 AM, 2 PM & 7 PM, Wednesday 10 AM, 2 PM & 7 PM 


Pat McDonald (
Jesse Morrell (
Bro Cope (
Jed Smock (
Dennis K. Belton (
Doc Yeager (

Possible Subject Matters:
Apologetics; Saved from What?
True and False Repentance,
Fear of God,
Five stages of a crowd,
In Defense of Hell,
Dealing with police,
Knowing your  rights,
True love.



July 1 10 AM- Dennis Belton
           2 PM- Jesse Morrell
           7 PM- Pat McDonald

July 2 10 AM   Bro Cope
           2 PM     Jed Smock
            7 PM   Jesse Morrell

July 3  10 AM   Mrs. Cindy Smock
            2 PM      Doc Yeager
            7 PM      Jed Smock

JULY 4th -Out on the streets of Gettysburg

July 5th Sunday

              10 AM Jesse Morrell

                 7 PM Jed Smock

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