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About Us

Learn how JILMI came about and its vision.


Video links that will challenge your walk in the Lord.

FAQ & Links

Your questions answered about us, and helpful links

Jesus Is Lord Ministries

Pastor Mike and Kathee have a desire to reach the world for Christ through media. Click the link below to go to the Word Broadcasting Network page...

WFKJ Jesus Is Lord Ministries


Our radio station is housed right within the church building, and airs Pastor Mike, children programs and other ministers of the Gospel....

Jesus Is Lord Ministries Pastor

Pastor Mike has his own webpage that contains many links about his testimony, his books, and much more! Visit his web page by clicking the link below....

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Meet our Team

Our Church Family have special jobs. If you want to meet our team, click the link below


Pastor Mike has written over 35 books to help you grow in the Lord, and to challenge you to go deeper in your daily spiritual walk.


If you would like to donate to our ministry to help us spread the gospel, Please click the DONATION button above.  Or click below to go to our address page to send us a check. Thank You!

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