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Our is heart to touch as many hearts for Christ as possible. Making media our primary thrust, we believe it plays a large part in the propagation of the Gospel. In addition, we believe in making disciples; with our church, tv, and radio outreach we hope to feed you the Word of God all day long. Our church provides a place for us to assemble together.

Who We Are

Dr. Michael and Kathleen Yeager began Jesus Is Lord Ministries International in 1983. The same year the Lord spoke to pastor Mike to go on TV. Ever since that time Jesus is Lord has been actively involved in media for the propagation of the gospel. They have owned numerous radio stations through the years. They have also broadcasted by satellite (with their own uplink system) TV stations and lower power TV stations. In the mid-90s as pastor Mike was contemplating purchasing a local TV station, the Lord spoke to his heart and said the future was the Internet. At that time Jesus is Lord ministries made a sizable investment into the broadcasting of the gospel by the Internet. They were one of the first major ministries that carried well-known ministers, live streaming and archiving their programs for their viewing audiences. In the mid-70s the Lord had spoken to pastor Mike, revealing to him that he would be a part of providing a platform by which ministers could speak to the nations. Our broadcast now reaches around the world by satellite, and Internet telecast.

Our Vision

Back in 1975 as Dr. Mike was in prayer in his barracks, a visible white portal opened up, and an angel of the Lord stepped into his room. He fell as a dead man. This particular angel took him by the hand, taking him through the white portal into the heavens. It was revealed to Dr. Yeager by the spirit of God through this experience that the Lord would use him to help usher in the last days harvest of souls from every nation, tongue, tribe and kindred of the earth. His purpose would be to help others reach around the world with the true gospel of the divine nature of Christ. That all must repent, die to self, and live for nothing but for the glory of Jesus Christ. From that time to this God has had Pastor Mike take little steps into bringing to pass what is now becoming a global outreach of uniting men and women of God of like precious faith.

What We Do

We provide for ministers who are preaching a 100% commitment to Jesus Christ, a platform by which they can reach the world at an incredibly reasonable price. As a broadcast ministry we have not endeavored to gather well-known ministers, but those who in the natural could never have financially afforded to touch so many lives, for such a low investment in broadcasting time. We help ministers from beginning to end, and bringing their program to the masses. Our greatest joy is in seeing the vision, the purpose for which God raised up ministers, to be fulfilled.

How We Work

We have individuals who work on a volunteer basis to bring to pass what God has called us to do. They all have the heart of a servant in wanting to help men and women who have been called and ordained of God to preach the truth that will set men and women free from the enemy’s grip. To see Jesus Christ made Lord and Savior in as many people’s lives as possible. Those who volunteer do it willingly and knowingly, endeavoring to please the Lord in whatever task large or small that needs to take place that we may have a smooth and efficient running ministry.

How Pastor Mike & Kathee Met

Mike's Story


I was standing outside The Mount Union Christian Center, on a ladder one day, putting up new letters on the marquee, when I heard behind me the sweetest voice I had ever heard. The voice said, “Praise the Lord, Brother!” I turned around on the ladder. And there before me I saw a beautiful, blue-eyed blonde. I said back in return, “Praise God, Sister!” Immediately the Spirit of God spoke to my heart and said: she is your wife! All I could think at the moment was, wow!

To be honest, I was quite overwhelmed.


This blue-eyed girl and I spoke for a little while. She told me that her name was Kathleen, and that she was home taking a break from college. She was one of the lead vocalists for a Christian college in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania. Actually, she was not even really supposed to be home. God had arranged it.


(She will share her story with you after this little intermission.)


I did not tell her what the Spirit of God had said to me, until after we were married. Proverbs 29:11 says, “A fool uttereth all of his mind, but a wise man keeps it in till afterwards.”


When Kathleen walked away, I got down from the ladder and I went into the old movie theater. I was so filled with the spirit of joy that I jumped up upon the back of the old, unstable, theater chairs. I ran on the back of these chairs all the way down to the front, spun around, and ran back to the rear of the theater on top of the chairs again. As I was running, I was shouting, “She’s the one! She’s the one!” Five months later we were gloriously married.


And Adam said, This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh: she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man. Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh (Genesis 2:23-24)


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