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Frequently Asked Questions


Over the years we have been asked many questions concerning the church and the ministries that we have

here at JILMI. The following questions have been addressed and links provided Several of the links are

quite useful for your spiritual growth.


If you have other questions that you feel others would like to know as well, please drop us a line, and let us know!


Where can I get something decent to read?

Pastor Mike and his family have a few books that are all time favorites. Some are no longer published; which makes us sad for the loss of a great heritage.


Click the suggested Reading button for more suggested reading and the links where you may purchase them.


What does JILMI look like inside?

Although things are constantly changing at JILMI. You may look at some of our past pictures; which will surely put a smile on your face! ... and perhaps give you something to pray about, as well. The sanctuary has been painted since these pictures were taken.


What Homeschool Curriculum Would You Suggest?

Over the years we have had a Christian school here at JILMI. At one time we had over 80 students. However, as times change, we only have a meager classroom at this time. God only knows our future, and we may have a full school again.  We have had many different curriculums, but for our favorite one, click link.



How Can I Grow Spiritually? --Audio Bible

We here at JILMI know the importance of the Word of God. If you want to prosper and have success, and you want to live as a victorious Christian, and walk in the realm where miracles happen, then you want to meditate on the Word of God. If you go to the link on the right, you can download every chapter of the KJV Audio Bible.

Do You Have Other Websites?

The answer to this question is a resounding Yes! Doctor Yeager has his own page called,

and there is our Word Broadcasting Network link that features our TV and Broadcasting media network.

Not to mention that we have a Hell's Real webpage about Doc's Journey to Hell. Click on the links to the side to visit these sites.

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