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Update 9-7-2015

 Finally, by God's grace we wil be closing September 17. We have had to do several unexpected things, before we are allowed to settle.  Thank you for your support! Your gifts have been greatly appreciated. You can still give, if you wish to help us quickly erase the debt.   Thank you!!!





Sheriff Sale Proceedings


We have entered into a place of needing a FINANCIAL MIRACLE NOW!

Attorneys Frey & Tiley of Carlisle, have been granted judgments against our church in the amount of $120,000.00   “Jesus Is Lord Ministries International” 3425 Chambersburg Road, Biglerville Pennsylvania 17307

The amount that we need to pay them is $120,000. Judgement is to be served March 11, 2015, and sheriff sale proceeding begin!


Please help us! You can donate though PayPal or go to our Go Fund Me link.







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Church Foreclosure Update


We want to thank everyone for your generous gifts, love and prayers! Because of your generosity, we have been able to pay Attorney Frey $5,000 towards his accrued interests, thereby stopping him from foreclosing upon the church. Attorney Frey has also agreed to help us obtain a loan to pay off the remaining debt of $115,000 by co-signing for us! 


The good news is, the bank has agreed to give us a loan for the amount of $110,000.   Bad news is, the bank wants us to put up $20,000 before they will give us a loan.  This $20,000 due is because of closing costs, taxes,... title insurance, and $5,000 that is still owed to attorneys.


We are asking you to help us to raise the $20,000 so we can start the loan process.  We believe that together we can wipe the debt out completely!


To donate, please CLICK the PayPal button above, or the "To Help Us!" (Go Fund Me) button above.


We greatly appreciate all of your gifts and support!


UPDATE 7-5-2015


We are still in the long process of obtaing a loan!  There have been a few more obstacles. Please continue to pray. We appreciate all you prayers and finacial support.   Your financial support is helping us get this mortgage obliterrated.

An Update to Situation below

More About our Situation

On March 9th we have been informed that they will bring execution upon our property (sheriff sale) if we do not produce what is owed to them. If we understand correctly the sheriff will then serve papers, and we will be given 30 days to the date of the sale! We do not know if they will begin 1st with our assets, or the whole facility.

Attorney Robert G Frey and Stephen D Tiley purchased our two mortgages in October of 2014. 

How we ended up in this situation is a little bit complicated, but I will endeavor to the best of my ability to share with you how this took place.

These 2 mortgages were originally obtained through Hanover national Bank!

The 1st mortgage was for $120,000 obtained on February 19, 2004

The 2nd mortgage was for 20,000 obtained in May 2004. This loan was a Demand note!

*Please note that we thought that the bank of Hanover had used the church’s main facility as the collateral for these two mortgages, in which case we would discovered at a later date was not the case.

The church had obtained these mortgages in order to continue in its operation. We owned and still own a 32,000 square-foot facility, with a 2000 ft.² parsonage, and 10 acres of commercial property. 

The church also owned property directly across from the church, approximately 40 acres.

In 2007 it was determined that we needed to sell the land across the street in order to pay off much of the church’s debt. Consequently the church hired a professional auctioneer to sell off this particular piece of property. The sale took place in July of 2007. A Mister Zizzy from Carlisle Pennsylvania purchased this commercial land as he was the top bidder.

Attorney Robert G. Frey and Stephen D Tiley were the attorneys that represented Mister Zizzy in this transaction. In the Legal transaction at the completion of the Zizzys purchase of our property, all known liens that had been discovered by Frey & Tiley were paid off. This included all taxes and other expenses that were involved.

It would not be discovered until 2012 that these two liens connected to our two mortgages (which Frey & Tiley are demanding to be paid in full) were missed by Frey & Tiley who represented the man who bought our property. 


The church continued to make the payments on these two mortgages. The one for $120,000 and the one for $20,000.

(At that time we were under the assumption that these liens were on the church’s property.)

We were able to bring the one loan that was $120,000 down to approximately $62,000. The demand note for $20,000 we were able to bring it down to less than $17,000. (Due to legal fees and interest with late payments what we owe is now over $120,000)

At the start of the new year of 2012, with it being a very cold winter, the church’s electric and fuel bill skyrocketed. We began to fall behind on these two mortgages, but having been in similar situations before we were hoping to simply pay for a small period of time on nothing but the interest and not the principal. In the past we were granted this courtesy. As the pastor I contacted our Bank wanting to speak to one of their bank officials. This all took place in the beginning of 2012. In the midst of our arranging to make payments on nothing but the interest with the bank, (to our shock and the banks) it was discovered that these two mortgages still had liens against the piece of property that was sold to Mister Zizzy in 2007.

Basically, from 2012 up to now it has been a nightmare, because the banks kept selling our mortgage off to other loaning companies without telling the situation or the mess that had been created by Frey & Tiley when they missed the two liens. We were not given the opportunity to make any payments in the sense that no information was being given to us who we should pay or the amount. Because these 2 liens were missed when the piece of property was sold to Mister Zizzy, no bank from then to now has been willing to work with us.

In October of 2014 Frey & Tiley bought our mortgages! They brought judgment against us and have received permission to liquidate our possessions even though to a great extent it was their mistake which brought this about. We have now been put into a dire position. We did try to negotiate with these attorneys to simply continue to make our mortgage payments to them, but they have informed us that this is not negotiable. They simply want the money, no ifs, ands or buts and we have run out of time!


I have spent more hours than I can remember talking to the Lord about this situation since 2012. It has finally come to the point of needing an immediate divine intervention. It came into my heart that I should reach out to my brothers and sisters in Christ. I am asking you as a brother and sister in Christ to go to God and ask him if HE would have you to help us in this situation. Every gift no matter how small or large is deeply appreciated! I do believe with all my heart that God is right now divinely intervene, maybe even through you and others, whose hearts are being moved with compassion. This situation does remind me of Job in chapter 42:11 when God moved upon the hearts of Job’s relatives to bless him and help him in his time of need.  If God is speaking to your heart, and it’s within your capacity to help, whatever you could contribute would be extremely and deeply appreciated. With all of our attorney fees, and legal expenses it is more than $120,000. This is the amount though we need to make this threat disappear.


God’s blessings upon you!

Sincerely: Dr. Michael H Yeager

Praise Report: The church mortgage is now paid off completely! 

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