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Watch JILMI and Word Broadcast Network

To Watch our live streaming, please update to the latest Adobe Flash Player

1) Watch on Apple Devices

2) Watch on MS Smooth

3) Watch on Adobe HDS

4) Watch on Android & BlackBerry

**Please copy and paste the link below while in your device


1) Watch on Rumble

Watch Live

Want to watch in full screen view?
Click here:

Watch different Streams on Rumble

5) Watch on Roku Box


JILIM/WBNTV is on IP TV (iPoint Global)– You can view most channels from your regular TV. To do this, you can watch from any internet setup box, including the Roku Box.


Here are instructions for ROKU owners..
          ROKU box owners:
          If you want to find our Word Broadcasting Network/The Revival channel....

 - On the Roku, you pick the Channel Store tab. 

-From there you go down to the Religion & Spirituality section. 

-Scroll either left or right until you find iPoint Global TV Network (or iPoint Cable). 

-Push the OK button on the Roku remote. 

-Next press the OK button on Add Channel. 

-Once the channel is added, you will now see the option Go to Channel.    
 -Press OK again. 

-Select iPoint TV Network. 

-This brings you to a group of different Christian channels. 

-Across the top are tabs to those channels. Look for WBN. 

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